My Latest Collection for Themes and Variations

My latest collection was created for Themes and Variations in London, United Kingdom. These five sculptures were created to be enjoyed as a collection but also to work individually. Each is a quintessential style of piece from me as I was given the freedom in the brief to make what I felt would work best.

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My Latest Collection for the Candice Berman Gallery

My latest collection was created for Candice Berman Gallery in Johannesburg. It is a combination of my large, intricate sculptures and simpler, bolder statement pieces in a wide range of sizes.

Six of these were presented at the latest Design Joburg in Sandton Convention Centre. Candice Berman commented “​Together we celebrate new ideas, new collaborations and a newfound love for the arts as we move into a more innovative and novel way of thinking and operating. We celebrate our collections and invite new conversations."

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